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Youth For Sustainability

Youth For Sustainability

The Charoen Pokphand Group operates its business under the philosophy of 3 benefits, creating benefits for nation, people, and organization. The company’s concept is to develop a society in tandem with continuous business growth. The ‘Youth For Sustainability’ project originates from the idea of transferring agricultural knowledge to the younger generation of Thais who are engaged in agriculture to consider it as the economic foundation of the country. The target group for this initiative is the youth surrounding business establishments such as factories, farms, and production farms. Training programs are designed to provide knowledge and create demonstrations to encourage practical application. The project has been in operation since 2018.

The sustainable development goals of the HEART Group involve education and reducing the social gap within the Charoen Pokphand Group. The development plan includes focus on education development on behalf of the Department of Social Activities in Crop integration business, Rice, and Services.


    1. To establish a safe food reserve that supporting lunch projects and reinforcing the creation of nutritionally balanced meals
    2. To integrate agricultural knowledge through experiential learning activities and comprehensive training
    3. To build on the existing school-based production enabling the transfer of knowledge to the school network and the community
    4. To unite the management team and CSR SPIRIT volunteers and engaging in activities with the community to contribute and assist society that aligned with the 3 benefits philosophy

Participated schools in this project

  1. Ban Koi School, Sisaket (2018)
  2. Ban Bukhee Lek School, Buriram (2019)
  3. Ban Si Liam Noi School, Buriram (2019)
  4. Wat Lamut School, Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya (2022 – Present)
  5. 26 Soi 4 Sai School, Lopburi (2022 – Present)
  6. Khon Thi Witthayakhom School (Prasit upathum), Kamphaeng Phet (2022 – Present)
  7. Wat Thong School, Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya Province (2023)
  8. Wat Wang Daeng Nuea School, Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya (2023)
  9. Ban Nong Bua Khok School, Buriram (2023)
  10. Wat Phatthana Pak Nam School, Suphan Buri (2023)