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Myanmar Organic fertilizer factory

History of organic fertilizer production in Myanmar

A brief history of organic fertilizer factories in Myanmar

Due to the company’s recognition that relying on chemical fertilizers with their prices increasing every year affected the higher costs for farmers then an alternative approach has been embraced. Organic fertilizers produced from chicken manure and blended with Probiotics to prevent diseases caused by fungi that may harm plants have been explored. Extensive testing has demonstrated positive results. Therefore, organic fertilizers have become another viable option for farmers because they offer the potential to work synergistically with chemical fertilizers and improve soil structure while promoting the efficient use of chemical and organic fertilizers. The collection of chicken manure commenced in 2020 sourced exclusively from CPF farms in Myanmar. Production began in 2021 with a target set for 10,000 tons by 2023. The product range includes both granular and powdered organic fertilizers. These products will be delivered to the marketing team to further boost sales efforts. This represents a positive development for farmers seeking cost-effective and sustainable agricultural practices.

Organic Fertilizer Myanmar

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Procurement of Raw Materials for Organic Fertilizer Manufacturing Plant in Myanmar

Organic Fertilizer’s Equipment and Production Process

Organic Fertilizer’s Production Line

Pelletizing Machine

Pellet diameter: 5 millimeters

Pellets packaged (bags) 50 kilograms

Product Drying Tubes

Loading Process