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CONNEXT ED project

                          CP Group has implemented the CONNEXT ED project focusing on sustainable education development and nurturing new-generation leaders (School Partners). This involves practical on-site collaboration to develop a school development plan in conjunction with school and community. The initiative aims to foster cooperation between the government, civil society, and private sector to expand the network for the development of Thailand’s education system. The objectives include

  1. Cultivate a sustainable culture of educational participation.
  2. Elevate the quality of education management to international standards.
  3. Establish a comprehensive and inclusive educational mechanism for connectivity and parity.

Crop Integrated Business, Rice, Transportation and service group has participated in the targeted area project since 2020. The designated area is 26 Soi 4 Sai School, Phatthana Nikhom, Lopburi. In the academic year 2022, the business has planned and implemented an English language development program in collaboration with the teaching staff. The teaching plan structured in an Action Learning format. Moreover the applications for CSR SPIRIT with proficiency in English have been opened to be a volunteer as online teachers for 7 classes. Additionally, students are taken on field trips and engage in conversations with foreigners at the Grand Palace.

The Future of Education foundation CONNEXT ED

Empowering the New Generation and Fostering Inclusivity from All Sectors

To be a part of providing opportunities

and elevate the quality of Thai education to a fundamental cornerstone in sustainable national development.