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Prostheses of Her Royal Highness The Princess Mother of 2024 at Rajabhat Sisaket University, Sisaket.

On Sunday, February 18, 2024, Prostheses Foundation of HRH the Princess Mother represented by Mr. Anupong Suksomnit, the Governor of Sisaket, presided over the opening ceremony of the 166th prosthetic service project provided free of charge. The event took place at the Dipangkorn Rasmijoti Hall at  Rajabhat Sisaket University, Sisaket from 18 to 23 february 2024. Mr. Suwit Saeyong, General Manager of the Crop Integration Business, Rice, Transport, and Service of CP Group, presented Tra Chat rice to Assoc. Prof. Dr. Watchara Rujivechpongsathorn, a committee member of the Prostheses Foundation to support food provision for doctors and prosthetists throughout the prosthetic production period. This was carried out with the CSR SPIRIT volunteerism from Burirum Rice Mill in Buriram and Farm Pro B2C Team who set up a booth serving fried egg with rice to more than 400 attendees at the opening ceremony.   Crop Integrated Business, Rice, Transport, and Service, has been continuously supporting the Prostheses Foundation for 17 years. This support has enabled disabled to have the opportunity to return to living their lives like ordinary people. This initiative is led by the Corporate Communications and Social Activities Department of the Crop Integration Business, Rice, Transport, and Service of CP Group.