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Green Home Project

Green Home Project-Crop Integration Business, Rice, Transportation and Services

Home Forest Plantation Project-Crop Integration Business, Rice, Transportation and Services

Charoen Pokphand Group aims to become a Carbon Neutral organization by the year 2030. This goal involves enhancing production processes and various activities to reduce carbon emissions. Concurrently, the company is engaged in tree planting initiatives to absorb carbon striving towards the objective of achieving a NET ZERO organization by the year 2050 where no greenhouse gas emissions are released.

Therefore, to align with the aforementioned goal, the Charoen Pokphand Group’s Crop integrated businesses, rice, transportation, and services have initiated the “Green Home Project.” This project launched on July 2, 2020 at Salaengphan Research Station in Wang Muang, Saraburi. This project collaborated between management employees and volunteer participants who planted various types of native trees, including Siamese rosewood, Trumpet Tree, Mahogany, and others overall 1,150 trees on a 13 Rai. Additionally, the project involves distributing seedlings to representatives of various organizations both domestically and internationally for planting to increase green areas in locations under the organization’s jurisdiction. Moreover, the initiative collaborates with partners, educational institutions, and surrounding entities, including research stations and economic forestry areas to expand green spaces within the community.

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However, to stimulate the participation of all units within the organization towards the implementation of the tree planting plan and set goals on August 11, 2022, so we declared its commitment to becoming a Carbon Neutral organization by the year 2030 to align with the policies of the Charoen Pokphand Group. Additionally, we collaborated in planting sustainable trees in the area of the organic fertilizer plant in Wang Muang, Saraburi, totaling 507 trees on 5 Rai.

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Crop Integrated Business has set our goals to take care of existing sustainable forests and plant new sustainable trees both in the organization’s premises and in other areas such as mangrove forests, reserved forests, and conservation forests. These initiatives are carried out in collaboration with government agencies, educational institutions, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), and various communities totaling 1.2 million trees in 2025. Currently, over 900,000 trees are planted, comprising 950,000 trees in the Safe Nature project and 100,000 trees in the Green Home project. Preliminary calculations indicate that when planting plan is fully implemented with 1.2 million trees, it will help sequester 45,000 metric tons of carbon dioxide equivalent (tCO2e).

Green Home project in Thailand is currently engaged in planting and maintaining sustainable trees in the organization’s areas. Total 142,372 trees have been planted and cared. This includes 57,872 trees in the area of CHAROEN POKPHAND PRODUCE CO., LTD. with 84,276 trees in the area of CHAROEN POKPHAND AGRICULTURE CO., LTD. and CHAROEN POKPHAND SEEDS CO., LTD., and 224 trees in the area of Rice, Transportation and Service Group.

Green Home project International, Crop integration Business set a goal to plant and maintain sustainable trees in our international areas across three countries: Myanmar, Vietnam, and India. The current progress of the project has total 8,725 trees. This includes 605 existing trees, 4,420 newly planted in Myanmar, and 3,700 newly planted in Vietnam. The objective is to continue the initiative of planting and caring for both existing and new trees in these regions to contribute to environmental sustainability.