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Taunggyi Research Center (Myanmar)

Taunggyi Research Center (Myanmar)

The focus is on researching and selecting disease-resistant varieties (NCLB, Root & Stalk Rot, Ear Rot) with high yields that suitable for specific planting areas. The mission is “to support academic research in crop science to benefit maize cultivation for Myanmar team”.

Location: 16 km. far from Heho Airport, 15 km from Aye Thar Yar, and 7.8 km from the entrance of Shwe Nyaung.

Area Description: The entire area covers 7.3 Ac. with an elevation of 910 m. above sea level. The soil characteristics include loamy soil with a clayey texture, and dark color.

Research and Development Team: 2 Thai staff members and 5 Myanmar staff members.

Research Activities: The research activities commenced in June 2023 with the initiation of test planting.

Developing Varieties Objective

Research and development focus on creating disease-resistant varieties that can withstand leaf blight, root rot, stalk rot, and ear rot while also achieving high yields. These varieties are specifically tailored to suit the cultivation conditions in Myanmar.

The area for testing varieties outside research station

Dry season: 5 locations at an elevation ranging from 20 to 60 m. above sea level.

Rainy season: 15 locations at an elevation ranging from 400 to 1360 m. above sea level.