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Salaeng Phan Research Center (Thailand)

Background of the Research Station

Salaeng Phan Research Center established in 1979, it has a purpose of promoting hybrid corn seed industry in Thailand. The station aims to contribute to improving the quality of life for farmers in the country.

Principles and reasons for the research
          Vision: To be an organization that creatively contributes valuable innovations to the agricultural community by developing innovative products, producing hybrid maize varieties, and efficient management practices that aid in advancing progress and sustainability in plant nutrition and energy crops for the global community. All of this is built on a foundation of sustainable environmental stewardship.

Importance and Responsibilities

            Research and improve corn seed and other crops, as well as innovate various agricultural practices, aiming to achieve higher yields than standard varieties or traditional innovations. The goal is to meet the specific needs of farmers by studying and transferring agricultural technologies through modern solution packages, especially in areas equipped with irrigation systems.


  • Develop and improve varieties of maize and leguminous plants such as yellow peas
  • Enhance the yield of maize in irrigated systems
  • Develop drought-resistant varieties of maize
  • Create fast-maturing, densely planted, and resilient varieties of corn seed for rapidly harvesting
  • Corn silage