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Laboratory for Plant, Soil, Water, and Fertilizer Analysis

Fertilizer Analysis Laboratory (Nutrient Analysis in Fertilizers)


The Fertilizer Analysis Laboratory of CHAROEN POKPHAND PRODUCE CO., LTD. is dedicated to meeting international standards ISO/IEC 17025 addressing the laboratory’s testing capabilities both in academic proficiency and laboratory management. This enhances the testing laboratory’s capabilities to be recognized both domestically and internationally. It instills confidence and trust in the test result reports generated by the laboratory as well as in its well-established management system. Our commitments are to continue developing and improving.

The Fertilizer Analysis Laboratory (Nutrient Analysis in Fertilizers) has been

  • Certified with ISO/IEC 17025:2017 accreditation from the Department of Science Service.
  • Received Phase 1 certification from Department of Agriculture, allowing the laboratory’s test result reports to be registered.

List of Laboratory Analysis Services:

  • Fertilizer analysis services registration purposes fee
  • fertilizer analysis services for obtaining test results fee

Documents and sample submission forms

Steps for sample submission and payment process

For more information please contact  laboratory on 

the 3rd floor at Nakhon Luang Plant

Laboratory for Soil, Plant, and Water Analysis (nutrients in soil, plants, and water)


Soil is a crucial factor in plant production as it serves as a source of nutrients, retains water, and facilitates air exchange for plant growth. Understanding the soil enables effective soil management for cultivation. The research of soil conditions allows identification of issues and the implementation of appropriate solutions. Additionally, the knowledge of soil allows use of fertilizers in adequate quantities, meeting the specific needs of plants without causing environmental problems.

The Soil and Plant Nutrient Analysis Laboratory of CHAROEN POKPHAND PRODUCE CO., LTD. provides comprehensive services for analyzing nutrient quantities in soil to support the entire Crop Integration Business (CPP) cycle with analysis results. The laboratory offers soil and fertilizer management recommendations to enhance soil productivity. These aims to promote soil fertility, ensuring sustainable agriculture by maintaining a balance of nutrients in the system. The laboratory follows international chemical analysis methods: Association of Official Agricultural Chemists (AOAC) and the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM), widely recognized in public and private sectors. Moreover, these methods serve as references in ISO/IEC 17025 standards with modern tools and our team of experts is ready to provide valuable insights and guidance.

Soil Sampling and Submission Procedure

  • Collect and deliver soil samples
  • submitting soil samples form
  • Contact the Soil, Plant, and Water Analysis Laboratory on the 3rd floor of Nakhon Luang Plant