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Sawankhalok Research Center

Sawankhalok Research Center was established in 1995 by Professor Weerasak Duangchan. Laid the foundation stone ceremony on July 11, 1996.

Sawankhalok Research Center

Total area 110 Rai 
Address: 11 Moo.7, Khlong Yang, Sawankhalok District, Sukhothai

Research staff: 5 people
Operations staff: 29 people

Research and breeding projects

  1. Normal breeding methods
    Improving corn seed varieties to resist bacterial leaf blight.
    Improving varieties for resistance stem rot disease
    Improving corn seed varieties for consumption
  1. Biotechnological methods
    Double haploid method

19 planting plots (82.5 Rai)
2 cold rooms to store genetic germs
1 greenhouse for Double haploid

Target group of plant varieties

  1. Breed development by normal methods


  • Development Project of Corn seed Varieties Resistant to Bacterial leaf blight (Main Project) – Features a broad adaptability, high yield, and resistance to Northern Corn Leaf Blight, with excellent perennial (CMLVT and Africa).
  • Development Project for Disease-Resistant Varieties – Capable of perennial well for dry harvesting and resistant to stem rot disease.



(Sweet Corn, Waxy Corn, and Baby Corn)

  • Being a leader in corn market with high-quality, nutritious products, to enhance the value of the products by developing varieties with high nutritional content and special color characteristics.
  1. Developing varieties through biotechnology

Double haploid

  • To reduce the development time of varieties, enhance genetic purity, and expedite the generation of new breeds through biotechnology.