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Định Quán Research Center (Vietnam)

Researching and testing of crop seed in Vietnam

Operations started in 1995
Research began in 2022
Location Dinh Quan, Dong Nai 
Elevation 80 m. above sea level
Area cover 7,200 square meters in Dinh Quan / 17,200 square meters in Suoi Nho


The research station has an objective to develop commercially corn seeds that exhibit resistance to herbicides and key pests through the application of biotechnology (GMOs). The research station also conducts testing on various corn seeds such as maize, sweet corn, glutinous corn, baby corn, and hybrid corn to identify suitable strains for the markets in Vietnam, Philippines, and countries that have permitted GMOs corn seed.


Public utilities

  • Biotechnology laboratory
  • 4 greenhouses for breeding and double haploid
  • Seed storage room for research


Other support activities

  • Production of main seed
  • Production of commercial corn seed 
  • Maize GMO testing
  • Corn seed purity checking