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Myanmar, seed conditioning plant

Brief History

Began construction of the plant at Thilawa Industrial Zone in 2018 and the facility was opened for production in 2020. Due to the increased demand for seed sales in Myanmar, we decided to construct a factory for producing goods within the country aiming to reduce costs associated with importing finished products. Initially, the company started selling seed products in Myanmar and commenced in Shan City, Taunggyi in 2000. Operations continued there until 2019 when the production base was relocated to Thilawa Industrial Zone. This new location offered better transportation capabilities and proximity to the large farm area of Bawni where our extensive farmland is. The factory occupies a 10.2-acre site which features transport options for both container and bulk shipping, as well as road transport. This dual accessibility facilitates the importation of raw materials and transportation of goods by sea to the upper sales regions of the country, including Mandalay.