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Smart - Machinery Intensive Farming
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Mega Farm

Deploying Machinery using precision technology to
cultivate large scale land. By utilizing information
collected to conduct informed decisions on real-time

Success Factors

MegaFarm Cores

Crop (maize, soybean, etc) cultivation are
managed based on scientific data enabling
the precision/real-time operation decision

Managing Water Resources for irrigation
resulting in sustainable production against
Climate change.

Farming using large scale machinery
utilizing precision technology

Qualified experienced Farm Operation
Team are trained from Brazilian Mega Farm

SM & CP MegaFarm (MGF), A Joint
Venture between Soma Group
Cambodia and Charoen Pokphand
Produce Thailand has initiated a Mega
Farm project situated on a Concession
land Of 50 years in Preah Vihear,
As the first of its kind not just in
Cambodia but in South East Asia to
meet the ever growing demand of raw
material for our food production.
Modeled after the MegaFarm from
Brazil, the farm focuses on precision
farming and efficient agricultural
Raw material produced on MGF Corn,
Soybean, Cassava and other crops
utilizing large scale machinery equipped
with precision technology. With
concession land area consisting of
8,320 hectares as its 1st phase, Our
Megafarm are able to produces at its full
capacity of at least 60,000 tons of
grains per year to feed the growing
demand for raw material for animal feed
production in Cambodia and the world.
Operation Team are trained from
Brazilian Megafarm specialist and are
highly qualified and experienced
Megafarm operation team

Mega Farm center pivot irrigation can be fully automated making it ideal for large scale farming

“The MegaFarm is a prime example of
what precision farming can do when you
have scientific information to work with.
Using precision farming methods we
can improve the way we approach
farming on the MegaFarm, we can use
data to improve soil quality to make it
more suitable for planting, lowering the
use of fertilizers and helping to cut down
input costs”, says Mr Wisarut – MGF
Farm Operation Manager


Operating under an environment
sustainable practice, MGF has
committed with the Cambodian
government to keep area under a
Permanent Preservation Areas in the
Farm. These areas ensure maintenance
of rivers and springs, as well as
sheltering animals and plants.